Unlock Cell Phone from Vodafone United Kingdom

We just update our server and starting today we can Unlock absolutely all Cell Phone from Vodafone United Kindom. We have the fastest turnaround of delivery for Vodafone United Kingdom and all we need is the IMEI (Serial Number) of your Phone to get it unlocked! Absolutely all Cell Phone from Vodafone United Kingdom are supported. Since we offer now not less than seven services, we simply have a service for any of them, including the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Here is the list of the services we offer to Unlock Cell Phone from Vodafone United Kingdom:

Vodafone United Kingdom – All Models (Except iPhone) – [Tool ID: 687]
Vodafone United Kingdom – iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 (Clean IMEI) – [Tool ID: 686]
Vodafone United Kingdom – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 (Premium) – [Tool ID: 682]
Vodafone United Kingdom – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S (Clean IMEI) – [Tool ID: 282]
Vodafone United Kingdom – iPhone 5S and 5C (Premium) – [Tool ID: 683]
Vodafone United Kingdom – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (Clean IMEI) – [Tool ID: 685]
Vodafone United Kingdom – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (Premium) – [Tool ID: 684]

You can find pricing and turnaround of delivery in the Wholesale Unlock Pricing section.

Account Security Tips 

At UnlockBase we take the security of our customers very seriously since very long time. We try our best to make our website as secure as possible being PCI Compliance & McAffee Secure and using the best SSL Certificate.  And on the top of that all the password of our customer are encrypted in our Database (So even our own team can’t recover/read your password, you can only generate a new password using the password recovery process by email). So far we’re lucky and none of customer can’t complaint of having one of his password leaked because of us, even during “Heartbleed” event in April 2014.

Your credits are always safe with us. Still the main fight for us is about the security on YOUR SIDE essentially because of numerous potential attempts of “Password Phishing“.

What is Password Phishing ? 

It’s when somebody try to steal your password on your computer using Virus, Key-logger, Fake Website, Email, etc…. There is plenty of methods and the way you protect your own password on your own hardware is obviously beyond our control. So the best is to know about the risk and be careful, there is actually a great post on Wikipedia about phishing scheme, please check using this link.

So first keep in mind UnlockBase will never ask you for your password. And then, always be careful if you receive an email with too good to be true offer, or software to download (we never send Software by email). When this happen don’t forget to always check when you click any link from this email that the URL on your browser always strictly show domain.

But how do we deal with that ?

However if somebody manage to steal your password, you’re still in good hand with us as we always records all suspicious activity like API Key Check, or if we noticed that somebody try to log in your account from an unusual IP Address or from a different country. We can’t give all details, but be sure we constantly monitor all activity. And since the beginning (2004) in case of doubt we just send a Unique Code by SMS to the Cell Phone Number you provided to us when you register on our server. If you can’t provide the unique code you receive then you just can’t log in your account.

But that’s not all, as we always listen to our customer, we noticed that many customers complaint about getting locked out of their account while travelling because they just don’t use the same Cell Phone Number while they travel… So since few months we offered a new “2-Step Authentication” using the solution “Google Authenticator” available for free on iOs (iTunes), Android (Play Store) and BlackBerry.

To understand how to it work, just take a look at this short video :

Google Authenticator App generate a Unique PIN (6 Digits) on your Cell Phone every 30 seconds. And on the top of your Password we will request for this Unique PIN every time you try to log in your account. This way even if somebody steal your password, they just can’t go any further without your Cell Phone !  So if you’re a control freak or simply take very seriously your account security, we invite you to setup this extra layer of security directly from the section “Settings” of your UnlockBase account, in the section “Account Security” as explained in the video above.

UnlockBase is proud to present a new and very innovative feature called ICDN for Instant Code Delivery Notication. Stop wasting your precious server resources today ! Reduces your bandwidth consumption and CPU Cycles can allow HUGE savings on your hosting plan, as well as increase your whole system reactivity.

Thanks to the new ICDN you can do so, by simply entering an URL on your Account Settings page and deploying a simple listening script on your server.

How does it work ?

Everytime an order you placed (either by using our Web Interface, or API) is delivered to us, we instantly send an HTTP or HTTPS POST request to your server (using the provided URL) with all the informations required for you to process the delivery on your side. Which are:

  • ID – ID of the order in our system
  • IMEI or MEID – The serial number of the phone concerned by this delivery.
  • Comment – The comment field as you entered when placing the order.
  • ToolID – The ID of the Unlockbase service used to process this order.
  • ToolName – The friendly name of the Unlockbase service used to process this order.
  • Status – Either ‘Delivered’ or ‘Unavailable’ indicating whether we were able to calculate a code for your phone.
  • Code – If Status is Delivered, you will find the Unlock Code here.
  • CallbackURL – The URL that is being called with this data (needs to be here for technical reasons).

Your listening script just have to make use of this informations to process the order on your side ! You don’t have to call the UnlockBase server on a regular basis to check the statuses of your orders anymore, which will save you a lot of troubles as well as precious resources. Please make sure that your listening script will return with an HTTP/200 OK code and that the reply contains the string <!–success–>, else we will consider that your server is down and retry to send the notification for about 16 hours !

To setup your ICDN URL, just go in the section “Setting” of your UnlockBase account.

Unlock Alcatel OT 2012 and OT 1035

We updated today the service “Alcatel (New Provider #2 – 2014)” with five new supported models of Alcatel One Touch that we can Unlock by Code in real time just with the IMEIProvider ID of your Alcatel Cell Phone. Including these new models there are now 13 powerful services to unlock Alcatel Instantly 24/7 and supporting more than 448 models!

Here is the list of the five new models of Alcatel One Touch we can unlock:

– Alcatel OT-1035
– Alcatel OT-1035A
– Alcatel OT-1035X
– Alcatel OT-1035D
– Alcatel OT-2012

Tool Name: Alcatel (New Provider #2 – 2014)  [Tool ID: 585]
Turnaround for Delivery: Instant 24/7
Price: Please check pricing in the Wholesale Unlock Pricing section.

-> Please check the video below to find out how to find the Provider ID of any Alcatel <-

Just look at the sticker located under the battery.
The Provider ID must be exactly 13 chars long as show in the picture below:

Alcatel Label/Sticker showing Provider ID & IMEI

Alcatel Label/Sticker showing Provider ID & IMEI

Unlock Blackberry Passport from Rogers Canada

We are now able to Unlock BlackBerry Passport from Rogers Canada.  Our service deliver the Unlock Code of any BlackBerry Passport from Rogers Canada in 10<>60 Minutes during the working hours of our supplier (09:00 to 17:00 eastern standard time EST). There is no processing on weekends (all weekend orders processed Monday morning).

Service Name: Fido & Rogers Canada – BlackBerry OS10 & Passport [Tool ID: 452]

You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

Unlock iPhone from Vodafone and Orange Romania

We finally added today four new services to Unlock iPhone from Orange Romania and Vodafone Romania, turnaround of delivery for these services is up to 8 days depending of the tool you pick, the name of each services are:

– Orange Romania – Apple iPhone (Out of Contract & Clean) – [Tool ID: 670]
Orange Romania – Apple iPhone (Premium) – [Tool ID: 671]
Vodafone Romania – Apple iPhone (Out of Contract & Clean) – [Tool ID: 668]
Vodafone Romania – Apple iPhone (Premium) – [Tool ID: 669]

You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.


Service for iCloud Removal is down until further notice
-> Please do not ask when it will restart as we just don’t know <-
We will eventually remove this alert from our Blog if the service resume in future…

Find My iPhone Activation Lock Bypass

Apple iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service – Introduction

iCloud Activation Lock” or “Find my iPhone Activation Lock” is a  new feature – introduced with iOs 7 – of Find My iPhone called Activation Lock that is designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it’s ever lost or stolen. Activation Lock is enabled automatically when you turn on Find My iPhone on a device using iOS 7 or later. With Activation Lock ON, your Apple ID and password will be required before anyone can:

  • Turn off Find My iPhone on your device,
  • Erase your device,
  • Reactivate and use your device.

For more details about Activation Lock we suggest you check this link.

So before you purchase an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from somebody else, make sure that Find My iPhone Activation Lock is turned off and the device is ready for you to use. To check if this lock is activated, Apple release the 1st October a free service that you can access using this link:

However, we have a solution to ByPass Activation lock that work ONLY with Clean IMEI witch mean all the Apple products are supported as long as they have not been reported lost or stolen (We do not offer solutions for those type of phones). But as long as the device is clean and has not been reported anywhere, all the models are supported so it could be any iPad, iPod or iPhone starting from the oldest, up to the latest ones available.

Apple iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service – How to Check if CLEAN ?

Our iCloud Activation Lock ByPass service is only for Clean IMEI, the iPhone must not be reported as stolen or lost. If this is the case don’t even ask, it’s not possible with our server. So you may wonder for who is this service ? Well if you simply lost your password and don’t find any way to recover it, or if you bought this iPhone Clean to a seller who do not remove the lock, and have no way to approach the seller…

Here are some pictures that illustrate witch Apple Device are “Clean” or “Blacklisted”:

Find My iPhone Activation Lock - Clean or Not Check

Find My iPhone Activation Lock – Clean or Not Check

Before buy an iPhone we also recommend to always run Blacklist Check using our CheckMend service, and check the Activation Lock on Apple Website. If it’s Clean, then you can order from us the Activation Lock Removal using one of these two services:

Apple iCloud Activation Lock Removal [Clean IMEI Only] (2<>7 days) – Tool ID: 674
Apple iCloud Activation Lock Removal [Clean IMEI Only] (5<>15 days) – Tool ID: 675

WARNING: Also please note that Find My iPhone Activation Lock removal do not Unlock the Phone (so he can accept any SIM Card from any carrier worldwide), this service is only to ByPass Activation Lock so you can use the phone with the Original SIM Card (or all if the phone is Unlocked).

You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

Unlock Code for LG Cell Phone

Today we have decided to make some dramatic changes to our LG Services. We are consolidating our comittment to Unlock all LG Cell Phones with all 3 Services working 24/7 and delivering the LG Unlock Code to you in less than 10 minutes. At the same time we have reduced the prices of each service to simply provide you the lowest available rate on the market. The name of these new services are:

LG Server #1 – Regular Database – [Tool ID: 74]
LG Server #2 – New Database 2014 – [Tool ID: 522]
LG Server #3 – Not Found Database – [Tool ID: 672]

If your LG Cell Phone was produced before 2014, use “Server #1” first. Then obviously use the “Server #2” for the Unlock Code of any LG produced in 2014. And finally if the Unlock Code for your LG still displays “Not Available” using “Server #2”, then as a last resort use option “Server #3“.

If you have just one LG Cell Phone to Unlock then you don’t have to worry about these 3 services as we have one rate that covers them all and we’ll try each method automatically and get back to you with the Unlock Code of your LG in less than 20 minutes.

Using our LG services, you will get All Level Codes to unlock your LG Cell Phone:

– NCK or SIM_UNLOCK (Network Unlock)
– SPCK or SP_Unlock (Service Provider Code)
– as well as: NSCK, CPCK and SIMCK

Our LG Unlock Service does not support CDMA Cell Phone locked to: Tracfone, NET 10, Verizon, Sprint.
(Only GSM LG Cell Phone are supported)

You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

WARNING: Before ordering a code for an LG phone please be sure to check the code entry instructions here: At the moment there is no solution to enter the code in U900, U880, U890, U400 models, so do not order code for these. Please keep in mind to ALWAYS check that you have first found the correct method to access the Unlock Menu in your LG Cell Phone before placing an order to receive an Unlock Code for an LG phone. If it’s not available, please ask BEFORE placing your order so we can ask our supplier, as we won’t accept any refund request for this reason.

Unlock iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Rogers & Fido Canada

Today we unlocked the first iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Rogers Canada, and Fido Canada. Same Service, Same Price, Same time frame of delivery, and same great support from UnlockBase Team !

We’re the Direct Source to Unlock all iPhone from Rogers and Fido Canada.

Service Name: Fido & Rogers Canada – Apple iPhone (Express Delivery) [Tool ID: 607]

You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

Alcatel Cell Phone Unlocking

We just updated two of the existing service we offer for Alcatel (Calculator), so they can support 9 new cell phone from this brand. With these new addition, our 13 powerful services to Unlock Alcatel by Code are now supporting more than 443 models with an incredibly fast turnaround of delivery !

Service : Alcatel (New SRO 2013) [Added +2 new model]
Alcatel OT-A392G & OT-A392A

Service : Alcatel (USB Modem New) [Added +6 new models]
– Alcatel L100
– Alcatel L800
– Alcatel Y800z & Y800
– Alcatel M800v
– Alcatel Y855
– Alcatel W800z

You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.