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Oct 07

Today we reduce price of Factory Code for Siemens & BenQ-Siemens to 3 Credits instead of 5 Credits, and you don’t need anymore to order separte Network Code & Security Code, now you can get both code for the same price ! What else do you need ?

May 20

- Siemens & BenQ/Siemens (Network Code) : 3 Credits instead of 8 Credits
- Siemens & BenQ/Siemens (Security Code) : 3 Credits <- new option !

Feb 01

After one month without service for BenQ-Siemens IMEI UnlockĀ (suplier lost his key to access database) the service finally restart with very fast delivery time (less than 24H from Monday to Friday) but price rise to 8 Credits !

We remind all network provider worldwide is supported by this tools.