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Sep 30

Unlock Telus GSM

This new service is good to unlock ANY Telus / Koodo Canada GSM devices, the price is very expensive but still OK for hot models like Nokias SL3.

Price: 35 EUR or 45 USD or 30 GBP
Time for Delivery: 24-48hours mon-fri

Absolutely ANY Telus / Koodo GSM cellphone are supported included:

- Blackberry 9800 Torch
- HTC Desire
- INQ  Chat 3G
- LG Cookie Plus
- LG GB-255G
- LG Shine Plus
- Motorola Charm+
- Motorola Milestone
- Motorola Backflip
- Nokia 3710
- Nokia E72
- Samsung Elevate
- Samsung Advance
- Samsung Galaxy

Sep 13

We’re pleased to inform our customers from North & South America that we’re finally able to support the request of MSL/SPC Code for CDMA phones using ESN/MEID ! We just add 3 new services under CDMA Tools :

- BlackBerry WorldWide – SPC/MSL Code
- Sprint Model (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc)
- US Cellular Model (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc…)

Turnaround for Delivery: 1<>2 days
Price: 15 EUR or 20 USD or 13 GBP*

* if you find cheaper, or have volume order, contact us to negotiate better rates !

Sep 09


We’re glad to inform our customer that we just re-activate today the service for Samsung USA phone, Service Work in less than 48 Hours from Monday to Friday, this is hot service as the Samsung USA server was OFF since 05 March 2010 !!! We’re finally able to source them from a new supplier, we just try few IMEI and it’s working 100%. We provide NCKMCK (Unfreeze code) + SCK + SPCK

TOOL:Samsung USA
Price: 20 Euro or 25 USD or 17 GBP

The service for Samsung Europe is also now more stable with delivery in 24H from Monday to Friday and with all Levels:

1. Network Code (NCK)
2. Unfreeze Code (MCK)
3. Subset Code (SCK)
4. Subset Provider Code (SPCK)

Sep 05

Motorola Unlock Server

The last 3 weeks (including this week end) we wasn’t able to get code for “Motorola Factory Code” the Saturday & Sunday.  But we finally just add today new service for Motorola for  the “Week End Delivery”. Now we are offering two different services to unlock 7/7 the Motorola:

- Motorola (5/7 – 8am to 9pm GMT-3) (Tool ID : 204) : Service Open 5/7 from Monday to Friday (no service the week end) and supplier working from 8am to 9pm (GMT -3)

- Motorola (7/7 – 21/24h) (Tool ID : 6) : Server working 7/7 (everyday including the week end) Monday to Saturday  : service open 21 hrs /day – Sunday : service open 15 hrs /day.

> For both services we remind you these restrictions <

First, don’t request code for AT&T and T-Mobile USA as 100% of code are Not Found, for these two Network need to use the tool “AT&T USA – Motorola” & “T-Mobile USA – Motorola & SideKick Slide

Please never ask request of code for these models below:

- EM30, EM35, ZN5, E8, U9, V9,
- K1s, K1 Red or other variants for K1 (all network)
- V8 from Claro
- Q from Movistar Mexico
- Z6 from Verizon
- A45 ECO from Digitel Venezuela

Because you WILL GET A WRONG CODE. There is nothing we can do to help you in case you add this way since our provider will not refund or check these codes. The problem with theses phones is that the operator will change the codes from the defaults and the factory default codes will be wrong. The only way to get the unlock code for these models is to add them by operator, as long as the operator is supported by UnlockBase. Thank you for understanding.

Sep 02

UniversalBox LOG

We finally add the UniversalBox SL3 Credits on UnlockBase (available from the “Cable Unlock” Section). We apologize for the delay for adding this service on UnlockBase Server. But the good news is we offer as usual best price in market for these log, with delivery in few hours 24/7 (we always have stock on this), here is our Price for SL3 Credits :

UniversalBox SL3 Server (0115 LOG Account) for 40.25 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0125 LOG Account) for 43.75 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0135 LOG Account) for 47.25 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0150 LOG Account) for 52.5 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0200 LOG Account) for 60 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (1000 LOG Account) for 280 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (5000 LOG Account) for 1250 USD

We also happy to inform we reduce our price for Regular UniversalBox Credits:

UniversalBox Server (00100 LOG Account) for 35 USD
UniversalBox Server (00200 LOG Account) for 60 USD
UniversalBox Server (00250 LOG Account) for 72.5 USD
UniversalBox Server (00500 LOG Account) for 145 USD
UniversalBox Server (01000 LOG Account) for 280 USD
UniversalBox Server (05000 LOG Account) for 1250 USD
UniversalBox Server (10000 LOG Account) for 2400 USD

Here is the price in UniversalBox Credits for the Different  Features:

 UniversalBox LOG Features