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Jan 29

Unlock SideKick

We just update the archive for SideKick PV300 Unlock Server to v5.1 to fix the “IP Blacklist” problem and introduce “Direct Unlock“, now we display UnlockCode on software (or Phone Screen in some case) just for backup purpose. You can download the new archive with lastest update AND drivers here: SideKick-Unlock-Client-v5.1-and-Drivers.rar

Make sure you are using v5.1 starting today and delete all old version from your computer.

Jan 24

Unlock Telus GSM

We’re pleased to inform that we just switch to a new more stable supplier to unlock Telus / Koodo Canada GSM devices, using the tool “Telus & Koodo Canada“. The price is also now cheaper:

Price: 22 EUR or 30 USD or 19 GBP
Time for Delivery: 1<>3 days mon-fri

Phones supported are:

- HTC Phones
- Samsung Fascinate
- Samsung Apollo
- Samsung Galaxy
- Samsung Advance
- INQ Chat 3G
- LG Optimus 7/One
- LG Breeze
- LG Shine Plus
- LG Cookie Plus
- LG GB-255G
- Koodo Elevate
- Motorola Milestone
- Motorola Backflip
- Motorola Charm+

Unsupported phones are:

- Nokia
- Telus Elevate

Jan 23

Motorola Unlock Server

We just add a new service to Unlock MotorolaMotorola 16 Digits (Mostly US & Canada)”. You can get unlock code in few minutes. This service only support the list below :

- E8 for tmobile USA imei:35398002…
- ZN5 for tmobile USA imei: 35248002..
- MB502 for TELUS Canada imei: 35203..
- MB502 for tmobile USA imei: 35203..
- MB508 for USA 35833303…
- MB511 for USA 35229403…
- MB511 for Canada 35834203…
- MB525 for tmobile USA imei: 351575040…
- A853 for TELUS Canada imei: 358336030..
- XT720 VIDEOTRON for Canada imei: 35279304 00..
- QA1 for USA imei: 3522990302..
- V3I for tmobile USA imei: 352033040…
- V9 for France Orange imei:35488702…
- V9X for USA imei:35248102…
- A45ECO for Dominica Rep. imei: 3546410340..
- A45ECO for Dominica Rep. imei: 3546410337..
- A45ECO for Dominica Rep. imei: 3546410338..
- A45ECO for Peru imei: 3546410334..
- Other 16 digits codes for USA
- Other 16 digits codes for Canada

Price : 7.5 EUR or 10 USD or 6.30 GBP

Jan 20

Unlock SideKick

We just update the archive for SideKick PV300 Unlock Server to v5.0 to fix the lastest bug in communication, now should work 100% of all customers who used to have problem. We also include the archive the drivers that was missing in the previous archive, you can download the correct archive with lastest update AND drivers here: SideKick-Server-v5.0-and-Drivers.rar

Make sure you are using v5.0 starting today and delete all old version from your computer.

Jan 10

Unlock Dell Aero

You can now unlock all Dell Aero and Mini 3 using Original USB Cable in less than 10 Seconds using the tool “Dell Aero / Mini 3 Unlock Server” from the “Cable Unlock” section of your unlockbase account! You will receive your license in Real Time to use the software. This software is “Code Reader” so you won’t break warranty of your phone. Price is 20 GBP (if you have USD or EUR account, this amount will be converted in your currency using the exchange rates of the day)

You can download the software here :unlock-dell-aero.zip

Jan 09

Unlock Code Source for Roger/Fido Canada

Two weeks ago, we lost one source for Roger/Fido Canada and deactivated the service “Fido/Roger/Red Canada (VIP 5/7 3pm to 11pm).“ Unfortunately during the last 48 hours (Friday 7th January) the alternative service available for this network “Fido/Roger/Red Canada (VIP 7/7 10am to 9pm)” went down as well (we don’t know yet if this service will restart or not).

In the meantime we have added an Emergency service but the price is higher (10 USD) with delivery in 24 hours using the tool “Fido/Roger/Red Canada (Emergency Service)

Jan 03

Unlock T-Mobile Comet

You can now Unlock all T-Mobile Comet using tool “Huawei (Factory Code)