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Jun 22

Samsung USA Unlocking Code now Instant !

World First exclusivity for UnlockBase, you can now get the unlock code for all Samsung USA in real time* !!! Yes instant 24/7 even when our team is sleeping! This tool is very hot to unlock┬áthe Samsung Infuse 4G (i997), Gravity 3 (T479), T919, Behold, Behold 2, Galaxy, etc… All Samsung from USA are supported and we have the fastest turnaround for delivery in world !!! And all Level Supported : NCK, MCK (Unfreeze), SCK, SPCK !

Here are the 3 tools based on this new service :

- Samsung USA (Instant Delivery 24/7) (ID: 125)
- AT&T USA – Samsung (Factory Code) (ID: 308)
- T-Mobile USA – Samsung (Factory Code) (ID :194)

* We can generate 1 CODE every 3 minutes, so if you submit 10 IMEI (or if 10 customer submit 1 IMEI) AT THE SAME TIME it will take 30 minutes. But anyway we can consider it as “Instant Service” and you won’t find faster anywhere else :)

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