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Account Security Tips 

At UnlockBase we take the security of our customers very seriously since very long time. We try our best to make our website as secure as possible being PCI Compliance & McAffee Secure and using the best SSL Certificate.  And on the top of that all the password of our customer are encrypted in our Database (So even our own team can’t recover/read your password, you can only generate a new password using the password recovery process by email). So far we’re lucky and none of customer can’t complaint of having one of his password leaked because of us, even during “Heartbleed” event in April 2014.

Your credits are always safe with us. Still the main fight for us is about the security on YOUR SIDE essentially because of numerous potential attempts of “Password Phishing“.

What is Password Phishing ? 

It’s when somebody try to steal your password on your computer using Virus, Key-logger, Fake Website, Email, etc…. There is plenty of methods and the way you protect your own password on your own hardware is obviously beyond our control. So the best is to know about the risk and be careful, there is actually a great post on Wikipedia about phishing scheme, please check using this link.

So first keep in mind UnlockBase will never ask you for your password. And then, always be careful if you receive an email with too good to be true offer, or software to download (we never send Software by email). When this happen don’t forget to always check when you click any link from this email that the URL on your browser always strictly show http://www.unlockbase.com domain.

But how do we deal with that ?

However if somebody manage to steal your password, you’re still in good hand with us as we always records all suspicious activity like API Key Check, or if we noticed that somebody try to log in your account from an unusual IP Address or from a different country. We can’t give all details, but be sure we constantly monitor all activity. And since the beginning (2004) in case of doubt we just send a Unique Code by SMS to the Cell Phone Number you provided to us when you register on our server. If you can’t provide the unique code you receive then you just can’t log in your account.

But that’s not all, as we always listen to our customer, we noticed that many customers complaint about getting locked out of their account while travelling because they just don’t use the same Cell Phone Number while they travel… So since few months we offered a new “2-Step Authentication” using the solution “Google Authenticator” available for free on iOs (iTunes), Android (Play Store) and BlackBerry.

To understand how to it work, just take a look at this short video :

Google Authenticator App generate a Unique PIN (6 Digits) on your Cell Phone every 30 seconds. And on the top of your Password we will request for this Unique PIN every time you try to log in your account. This way even if somebody steal your password, they just can’t go any further without your Cell Phone !  So if you’re a control freak or simply take very seriously your account security, we invite you to setup this extra layer of security directly from the section “Settings” of your UnlockBase account, in the section “Account Security” as explained in the video above.

UnlockBase is proud to present a new and very innovative feature called ICDN for Instant Code Delivery Notication. Stop wasting your precious server resources today ! Reduces your bandwidth consumption and CPU Cycles can allow HUGE savings on your hosting plan, as well as increase your whole system reactivity.

Thanks to the new ICDN you can do so, by simply entering an URL on your Account Settings page and deploying a simple listening script on your server.

How does it work ?

Everytime an order you placed (either by using our Web Interface, or API) is delivered to us, we instantly send an HTTP or HTTPS POST request to your server (using the provided URL) with all the informations required for you to process the delivery on your side. Which are:

  • ID – ID of the order in our system
  • IMEI or MEID – The serial number of the phone concerned by this delivery.
  • Comment – The comment field as you entered when placing the order.
  • ToolID – The ID of the Unlockbase service used to process this order.
  • ToolName – The friendly name of the Unlockbase service used to process this order.
  • Status – Either ‘Delivered’ or ‘Unavailable’ indicating whether we were able to calculate a code for your phone.
  • Code – If Status is Delivered, you will find the Unlock Code here.
  • CallbackURL – The URL that is being called with this data (needs to be here for technical reasons).

Your listening script just have to make use of this informations to process the order on your side ! You don’t have to call the UnlockBase server on a regular basis to check the statuses of your orders anymore, which will save you a lot of troubles as well as precious resources. Please make sure that your listening script will return with an HTTP/200 OK code and that the reply contains the string <!–success–>, else we will consider that your server is down and retry to send the notification for about 16 hours !

To setup your ICDN URL, just go in the section “Setting” of your UnlockBase account.

Obama Signing Bills to protect Cell Phone Unlocking

President Obama has signed the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act” which makes the unlocking of cell phones by third parties once again legal without question! The law clearly states that device unlocking “may be initiated by the owner of any such handset or other device, by another person at the direction of the owner.”

You can read the new law here at congress.gov, and read more details on CBS News.

DalPay Accepted

We just get a Merchant Account with DalPay Secure Payment Processor. So it’s now possible to load Credits in your UnlockBase account with your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro). We still accept PayPal, PayPal MassPay, Skrill (MoneyBookers), Bank Transfer (HSBC Hong Kong), Western Union.

We also reduce the Minimum Order Quantity for the first order (new account) to 100 Credits. Then it’s only 10 Credits to reload funds in your account.

Unlock iPhone from Swisscom Switzerland

We’re pleased to inform our customer that we just find a new supplier able to Unlock iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 from Swisscom Switzerland. Service is really fast (less than 24H) but we still advertise 1<>2 days for delivery for the moment.

Tool Name: Swisscom Switzerland – iPhone 4S, 5 (ID: 430)
Price: €79 or $99 or £69

UnlockBase Scheduled Maintenance

UnlockBase is moving to a new Datacenter and new server (Cloud Based). A scheduled maintenance is expected today Sunday 15 July 2012 around 9:30pm (New York Timezone). You should expect a Downtime of 4 Hours. The new UnlockBase will be much faster, and support heavier API access, and most important “auto scale” to support our traffic growth for the rest of our life!

Unlock All Samung in Real Time

World First and Exlusivity for UnlockBase.com Server. It is now possible to receive in real time (Instant Delivery) all the unlock code for Samsung Europe. Yes, Instant 24/7 even when our team is sleeping !

– Samsung Europe (Instant Delivery 24/7) (NCK + MCK + SCK + SPCK)
– Samsung Europe (Regular 2<>10 Hours 24/7) (NCK + MCK + SCK + SPCK)
– Samsung USA (NCK + MCK + SCK)

And two Country Specific Factory Code :

– Samsung France (Only NCK)
– Samsung Brazil (Only NCK)

Please contact us now by email: info@unlockbase.com to negotiate price !

We’re more than happy to inform all our customer or future customer that you don’t need anymore a Membership to be able to order on UnlockBase.com, this mean you don’t need anymore to pay 19.9 Euro / monthly (with 10 Credits Included) to be able to use UnlockBase.com. We cancel manually few hours ago all the subscription of all our customer having an active membership running directly from our PayPal account.

Hope you will enjoy this gift and new rules !