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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-G386T) from T-Mobile using MetroPCS Firmware

The Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-G386T) cell phone from T-Mobile USA is using a custom firmware preventing the phone from being unlocked by code as there is no way to enter it (the phone is simply not asking for “SIM Network Unlock PIN”). Before this post, the only way to Unlock the phone was by using the official T-Mobile  “Mobile Device Unlock App” which is an Android app called “Device Unlock” that allows you to request and apply a mobile device unlock directly from the device.

So what do you do if you get an Unlock Code but you cannot use it?

Now there is a solution consisting of an upgrade to the firmware of the phone with MetroPCS Firmware instead of T-Mobile, and this will allow the phone to ask for the Unlock Code. Below you will find a tutorial about how to do this. Once you flash (update) your Phone with this New Firmware, please make sure that your Samsung SM-G386T is asking for “SIM Network Unlock PIN”. And if the answer is yes you can then click this link to order the Unlock Code of your Samsung Galaxy Avant from T-Mobile USA.

Service Name: Samsung T-Mobile USA [NEW GEN 2015] – NCK + SPCK (1<>4 Hours Mon-Fri) – [Tool ID: 775]

Step by Step Tutorial Firmware Upgrade
Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-GT386T) to MetroPCS Firmware

Disclaimer: UnlockBase is not responsible if users break / brick or damage their phone while trying to use this method. You must not use this firmware for any other Android Cell Phone other than the Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-G386T) from T-Mobile USA. Do so at your own risk. If you’re not sure what you are doing, please seek assistance at a local cell phone service center in your area.

Step 1 (Preparation): 

  1. Download the Special MPCS Firmware for Samsung SM-G386T using think link.
  2. Download ODIN v3.09 Service Software using this link.
  3. Make sure your phone battery is charged more than 60%.
  4. Enable USB Debugging, by open Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging
    If Developers Option is hidden, go to Settings > About Phone > Built Number (tap on it for 5-8 times)
  5. Make sure you install the Samsung Galaxy Avant USB drivers on your PC, if you haven’t already.

(Optional: Download the Original T-Mobile Firmware for Samsung SM-G386T using think link.)

Step 2 (Update SM-G386T Firmware): 

  1. Run Odin3 v3.09 as administrator (Right-Click: Run as Administrator).
  2. Switch OFF your Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T
  3. Boot in download mode, by pressing the Volume Down + Home + Power Key simultaneously.
    Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T Download Mode
  4. When a construction Android robot icon with a warning triangle appears on screen:Construction Android Robot Icon on a Samsung SM-G386T while booting in download modeTap Volume Up button to enter Download Mode:Samsung Galaxy Avant Download Mode Activated
  5. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T (T-Mobile) to your PC with the USB cable.
    Odin will automatically detect your phone and show the “Added!” message.Samsung smartphone added to Odin
  6. In the Odin, click on AP or PDA
    and then choose G386T1UVU1ANH3_G386T1TMB1ANH3_G386T1UVU1ANH3_HOME.tar file.
    Select MetroPCS firmware with Odin for Samsung SM-G386T
  7. Ensure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are selected selected in Odin
    while the Re-Partition option is unchecked (this is very important).
  8. Click Start in Odin and wait for the software to update your phone.
    Odin press start to upgrade Samsung SM-G386T to MetroPCS Firmware
  9. Once the root installation is done, your phone will reboot
    and soon a PASS message with a green background appears in the left-most box at the very top of Odin.Odin3 finish pass
  10. You can close Odin after device turns on.
  11. Your Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T is now fully update with MetroPCS Firmware!


Best and Easiest Phones to Unlock Over GSM Network

When it comes to unlocking cell phones, you need to know whether or not it is CDMA or GSM.  Most carriers in the United States — U.S. Cellular, Sprint and Verizon — use CDMA technology.  T-Mobile and AT&T on the other hand use GSM technology.  To keep things simple, if you want to unlock your phone, you must first identify what carrier the phone was originally used with.  If it was with AT&T or T-Mobile, then you’ll need to go about the unlocking process keeping in mind that the phone operates off of GMS technology.

Here’s a quick look at the best and easiest phones to unlock over a GSM network.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Keep in mind that if you want to unlock your GSM phone, it will have to be used with a different carrier who also uses GSM technology.  To unlock a Samsung S5, first remove the current SIM card and insert one from the carrier you want to switch to.  Now, turn the phone back on. The phone will ask for an unlock code (SIM Network Unlock PIN).  Enter the code that you purchased from a service provider.  If it then asks for a Network Code, enter it as well.  The phone should now be unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 is the flagship for Samsung when it comes to screen size and resolution.  Fortunately, you can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in as little as three steps.  First, give the IMEI number of your phone to a service provider who sells unlock codes.  To get this number, go to SETTINGS >> About device >> Status.  Then, follow the directions given to you by the service provider and type in the unlock code when asked for it.  That’s it; your phone should be unlocked.

HTC One M8

Need to unlock HTC One M8? This is another GSM phone that is incredibly easy to unlock.  Simply remove the nanoSIM and replace it with one from the carrier you want to switch to.  After turning the phone back on, enter the unlock code you received from an unlock service provider, and voila!  Your phone is unlocked and can be used on any GSM network.

For more information on unlocking a GSM phone, check out UnlockBase today.

New Services to unlock Samsung cell phones

All our services to Unlock Samsung Cell Phones are now back to normal but with new names, new pricing, and new turnaround of delivery. We are now offering not less than 19 services to unlock absolutely all Samsung by code, including the latest SM & EK Serie. All we need is some time and the IMEI (Serial Number) of the Samsung cell phone you need to Unlock. You’ll find below the list of the services we’re offering today:

Samsung Argentina – All Levels [1<>3 Days]
Samsung Australia / New Zealand – All Levels [1<>2 Days]
Samsung Canada – All Levels [1<>2 Days]
Samsung Canada – NCK Only [1<>5 Hours]
Samsung Europe – All Levels [1<>3 Days]
Samsung Europe Limited Country #1 – All Levels [1<>2 Days] *
Samsung Europe Limited Country #2 – All Levels [1<>3 Hours] **
Samsung Mexico – All Levels [1<>2 Days]
Samsung Paraguay – All Levels [1<>3 Days]
Samsung South America – All Levels [1<>2 Days]
Samsung Uruguay – All Levels [1<>3 Days]
Samsung USA – All Levels [1<>2 Days] *** <- The fastest option to get code for Samsung USA !
Samsung USA – All Levels [1<>3 Days] ***
Samsung USA – All Levels [1<>4 Days] *** <- Price start at $15 (Gold Price)
Samsung USA – All Levels [2<>3 Days] ***
Samsung WorldWide – All Levels [1<>2 Days]
Samsung WorldWide (“Made in China”)
Samsung WorldWide (“Made in Vietnam”) <- This service is down until the 20th February

* Samsung Europe Limited Country #1 service is limited to Samsung coming from any networks from these European country: Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia. Code delivered in less than 2 business days !

** Samsung Europe Limited Country #2 service is limited to Samsung coming from any networks from these European country: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slowenia, Switzerland. Code delivered in 1<>3 Hours from Monday to Friday

WARNING: WHEN USING THE TWO SERVICE “SAMSUNG EUROPE LIMITED COUNTRY” AS IF YOU SUBMIT A SAMSUNG NOT FROM ANY OF THE SUPPORTED COUNTRY USING THIS SERVICE, YOU’LL BE CHARGED AT FULL PRICE WITHOUT ANY REFUND ! So If you don’t know what’s the Country of your Samsung, please use this service “Samsung # Manufacturer & Network Check #“. we’ll deliver result like this :

Serial Number: R38FB05VPDN Model: SM-G870F Product Code: SM-G870FDGAFTM Division: Mobile Phone (HHP) Sold To: France Carrier: Orange Production Date: November 03, 2014 Ship Date: November 13, 2014 Phone Age: 0 Year(s), 3 Month(s), 3 Day(s) Factory Warranty Coverage: February 03, 2016

*** WARNING Samsung USA Services : Please note that the Samsung T669 & T919 Behold does not accept the Defreeze (MCK) code so please DO NOT submit order with any of these four services if the defreeze code is required. Also here is the official list of unsupported Networks : Cricket, Sprint, Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk. The Samsung Avant SM-G386T from T-Mobile USA is also unsupported as well as any Samsung with IMEIs starting with 9900 and Verizon Devices (Unless the phone prompts for a code). You will not be refunded if you order unlock code for any of these cell phone and complaint about a wrong code or code entry issue.

You can check our prices on our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

This Blog post is outdated, please check this link instead 

Unlock Samsung from Europe

We have just updated our list of services to order Unlocking Code for Samsung Europe and have also reduced the price of all existing services. In total we now offer no less than 3 services for Unlocking absolutely all Samsung locked to any European Networks Provider, including the latest Galaxy S5.  Unlock your Samsung cell phone with us today.

Wholesale price for Gold User start at $9.9 for Slow and $15 for Express

Unlock Service available to Unlock Samsung from Europe :

Samsung Europe – All Models with S5 Support (All Level) [Express] – NEW
Samsung Europe – All Models with S5 Support (All Levels) [6<>48 Hours] – NEW
Samsung Europe – All Models with S5 Support (NCK+MCK) [1<>30 Minutes]

The [6<>48 Hours] & [1<>30 Minutes] service work as advertised, however for the new [Express] you need to make sure the Supplier is Online if you want to receive your code in less than 15 minutes as show in the screenshot below :

Samsung Supplier Online

You can check our prices on our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

Unlock Mexican Cell Phone

Today we have added five new services to Unlock Cell Phones locked by one of the two major Mexican Networks: Iusacell and Nextel. These services are exclusive to the UnlockBase server and our supplier will deliver codes in less than 12 Hours during Business Days (Monday to Friday). The exact list and names of these new services are listed below:

Iusacell Mexico – Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S – [Tool ID: 706]
Iusacell Mexico – Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C – [Tool ID: 707]
Iusacell Mexico – Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus – [Tool ID: 708]
Nextel Mexico – Samsung – [Tool ID: 705]
Nextel Mexico – VSN Mobil V.35 & V.45 – [Tool ID: 709]

You can check our prices on our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

Unlock Samsung Made in Vietnam

The last two weeks we started to test silently a new service to Unlock all Samsung manufactured in Vietnam, no matter if they are sold and locked to an US or European Network. This service basically work “WorldWide” as long as the phone is “Made in Vietnam”. After 20 days of test, we’re happy to confirm this service is really working good and super stable ! What is great about this service is we can check in real time if the code will be “Available” or not, so if you submit an IMEI you will get “Instantly” a Not Found if not supported. If you don’t get “Not Found” result instantly, then this mean the code will be delivered in the advertised time frame (3<>12 Hours from Monday to Saturday).

Tool Name: Samsung WorldWide (“Made in Vietnam”) [Tool ID: 645]
You can check pricing in our Wholesale Unlock Pricing page.

To check if your Samsung is “Made in Vietnam” it’s very easy. Just remove the back cover of your Samsung Cell Phone, then the Battery, and finally just take a look at the Sticker Label on the phone, it should look like this:

Samsung Made in Vietnam Sticker

Unlock All Samung Canada (NCK Only)

We just restarted the cheapest service to Unlock Samsung Europe & Samsung USA. Unfortunately this time the service is not “Instant” and also it doesn’t work the week end – but it’s 1<>2 days of delivery for Europe, and 2<>4 days for USA. All Samsung Models are supported including SM & EK Series (Galaxy S5, etc…).

Tool Name: Samsung Europe – All Models with S5 Support (1<>2 days) [Tool ID: 380]
Turnaround of Delivery: 1<>2 days (no service the week end)
Price: $19 or €14.5 or £12*

Tool Name: Samsung USA – All Models with S5 Support (2<>4 days) [Tool ID: 403]
Turnaround of Delivery: 1<>2 days (no service the week end)
Price: $19 or €14.5 or £12*

* Volume discount available if you do more than 10 IMEI / days on these services !

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

We’re pleased to inform you that starting today you can Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 on UnlockBase Server. To Get the Unlock Code (All Levels) you need to use the Samsung USA or Europe REGULAR service (not supported with Instant & Express Service). We are direct source for these service so we can beat any price on the market for these two services:

Samsung USA (Regular 12<>36 Hours) [Tool ID: 403]
Samsung Europe (Regular 12<>24 Hours) [Tool ID: 380]

Unlock Latest Samsung (Galaxy Note 3, Camera, S3 Mini, S4 Active)

 We just add two new services to Unlock in 12<>24 Hours all the latest Samsung Galaxy :

– Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SEG-I537)
– Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100)
– Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (SM-G730A)
– Samsung Galaxy S3 Note (SM-N900T)
– Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8”) 4G (SM-T311/T315)

These are new models (not GT-xxxx) unsupported with any Cable Unlock Method.
You can Unlock Today these models by code just with IMEI on UnlockBase Server!

Service 1: Samsung USA – SM & EK Series (S3 Mini, Note 3, Camera, S4 Active) [ID: 577]
Price: $35 or €28 or £22

Service 2: Samsung Europe – SM & EK Series (S3 Mini, Note 3, Camera) [ID: 576]
Price:  €22 or £19  or $29

Unlock All Samung Canada (NCK Only)

We just add a new service to Unlock all Samsung from Canada. This service is cheaper than the tool “Samsung Canada (All Levels – Instant)” (ID: 366) as it cost $21 instead of $39 !! But Service deliver only the NCK Code (Unfreeze on REQUEST as by default we only get the NCK). Still support all Samsung Unlocking from Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind, Mobilicity.

Supplier deliver code in less than 24 Hours
from Monday to Friday (usually from 10am to 4pm).

Tool Name: Samsung Canada (NCK Only + Unfreeze on Request) (Tool ID: 511)
Turnaround for Delivery: 12<>24 Hours
Price: $21 or  €17 or £15